Accounting is living in the past.

It's time to meet your new in-house finance team

Building a startup finance team is hard

Accounting firms focus on taxes and compliance. They're not set up to get under the skin of your business. At the same time how can you hire one person and expect them to know everything?

Our solution

But we make finance an engine for growth

We combine big four training with new technology to create tailor made solutions for startups. Benefit from the right people, and the right systems, at exactly the right time.

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How it works

The very best people, for the precise number of days you need each month.

FinOps Associate

The finance engine room, making sure everything runs in the most efficient way possible.

FinOps Manager

Your go-to finance contact and chief problem solver. An expert in building and running fast-growth finance functions.


An expert start-up CFO, responsible for setting and communicating financial strategy
What is FinOps?

We're part of some incredible teams

A massive improvement practically overnight

Before working with Quantico we struggled to get fast and accurate reporting, despite making a considerable investment with several outsourced providers. We now have access to a range of different skill sets, all managed in one place.

Dr Jamie Wilson
CEO, Hometouch
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An invaluable partner

We're a creative team, driven by the sales and marketing drumbeat. For that reasons we knew we had to select an operations partner who would invest the time getting under the skin of our business. Quantico have done a great job from keeping the strategy on track, to running the payroll.

James Ski
CEO, Sales Confidence

Building systems for scale

Before Quantico I had to invest a lot of time with our bookkeeper getting the accounts in order. Finance was never able to keep up with the rest of the business. Now we have systems and a budget that sets the pace for growth.

Lyz Swanton
COO, Feedr
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Our promise

To ensure you get the most out of our services, we align our incentives with yours.

No fixed-fees. Ever.

Fixed-fees only incentivise the minimum work for the maximum pay. We don't like that. We charge for the hours you get.

Simple. flexible contracts.

Let's keep it simple. No long contract period. Flex the days you need up or down each month.

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