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We deliver world class finance teams to rapidly scaling businesses.  There’s no need to hire one person full time and expecting them to do everything.  We provide a mix of skill-sets, supported by unlimited access to our methodology and subject matter experts.  Whether it's building a forecast, processing expenses or getting paid, we've got you covered.

The right people

We provide expert startup accountants, in your office, when you need them.  By working directly in your office we're able to get under the skin of your business and collaborate with your teams face to face.


The right systems

With Quantico you don't have to rely on the experience of one individual; you benefit from the cumulative experience of every startup we've ever worked with.

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Here's a taste of what we can offer...

Process library

We've built up a comprehensive library of the best processes and systems for any problem.  From setting up bank accounts to reimbursing expenses, we're the experts.

Collaborative finance inbox

We take over the management of your finance inbox and triage items that require attention.  You don't have to lift a finger. 

Payment services

Paying staff and suppliers is a monotonous process that often takes up a lot of high value founder time.  We create draft runs so that all your team needs to do is review and approve.

Credit control

Our credit control process combines the best of automated technology with a personal touch.  Free up more time for your staff and more cash for your business.

Financial modelling

We're experienced in building financial models that attract investors and provide a benchmark for performance.

Systems integration

We're experienced in connecting back office systems to increase automation and drive down cost and wasted time.

Custom reports

We believe that good data drives good decisions.  We take data from across the business, not just the finances, and build KPI reports that form the basis of leadership meetings for our clients.

CFO advisory services

If your business doesn't already have a CFO in place we can provide you with an experienced individual who knows your industry and supports your goals. 

Tax advice and compliance

We specialise in tax services relevant to high growth companies such as Research and Development Credits and employee share option programmes.


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