Let's bring accounting into the 21st century...

We're not an accounting firm, we're building what comes next

Our mission

We're not happy with accounting right now.  It's not working for accountants and it's not working for innovative businesses.  ​In fact we're so different in the way that we think and act that we don't consider ourselves an accounting firm at all.

Our mission is to drive change to build fulfilment at work.  We're building a world where finance is the function of the future, not the past... Where every accountant has a meaningful career and every business the systems for growth.

Our story

Dan and Ju-Vern cut their teeth working in the startup teams for PwC and KPMG, before working in finance roles across a number of London startups.  

Separately, they both became increasingly frustrated with the same problem.  When you're working in a small company it simply isn't practical to hire a full finance team with a mix of skill-sets...

...But it isn't really possible to outsource either.  External accountants are great at filing statutory accounts and VAT returns but they just aren't set up to get under the skin of the business.​

When their paths crossed Dan and Ju-Vern set out on a mission to invent the finance team of the future.

Our team

Dan Hully

Co-founder and CEO

Ju-Vern See

Co-founder and COO

Harun Patel

Head of Delivery

Iona McNeil

Senior Finance Business Partner

Alistair Franke

Finance Business Partner

Miriam Grant

Finance Business Partner

Sam Wilkinson

Senior Finance Business Partner

Sarah Pinkham

Finance Business Partner

Anab Arzoo

Finance Operations Associate

Ralf Goad

Senior Finance Business Partner

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