SQL for accountants: a crash course

A hands on introduction for accountants.

If handling lots of data is important in your job then SQL is the computing language to learn!

It is the language of data and databases. SQL allows us to store and manipulate data.

SQL is useful for accountants & FinOps experts. 

We love data. We analyse a tonne of data. We can provide greater business insights from data.

While there are many courses that teach SQL, none are focused on the accounting side.

This quick course has been designed with one of the fundamental philosophies of the School of FinOps learning through experience.

Don't think, do!

First we’ll go over the basics of SQL and how it applies to finance teams. Then we'll get stuck in to some example problems!

House rules

To get the most out of this blog you'll want to follow along yourself.

A perfect tool for learning SQL is Google Sheets.  If you haven't already got one, we recommend signing up for a free Google account to get started. This will give you access to Google Sheets.

I know I know, you probably spend the majority of your day using Excel or Google sheets. The last thing you want to do is spend more time using them!

However, using the Query function within Google Sheets enables you to use Google Visualisation API Query language (built on SQL) to directly write SQL based code within Google Sheets. 

It’s a great way to teach theory and application; without needing to install any complex programmes!

Let's get Started!

This is where you will find the introduction to SQL for accountants crash course. You will need to make a copy and save your own file to your drive.

The Google Sheet has been setup to provide a crash course in SQL for accountants. It introduces you to the basics of the language then gets you started on a big project to test your skills.

This course is designed for you to do in your own time. Copy the sheet and work through the tasks.

Before you start, if you would rather be introduced to SQL for accountants in a lesson format, we do run frequent classes remotely.

Hope you enjoy! 

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