Custom reporting that drives better decisions

We blend financial and operational data to track what's most important to you.

In your first Finance Director meeting we'll work with you to set up key performance indicators and a custom profit and loss layout that makes sense for your business and your goals.  These reports will then form the basis of our regular meetings, providing the clarity and certainty you need to make decisions.
No more spreadsheets

Our reporting application brings all of your data from your different software providers into one central location and updates it on the fly.  You get a complete view of the performance of your business without having to painstakingly compare data from different sources in different formats.  

Finance made simple

We don't believe in using templates or long profit and loss statements that take an hour to read.  We create reports that are short, simple and tailored to you.  Each month our commentary will help you understand what's going on behind the numbers.

Bespoke to you and your business

It doesn't matter whether you need to understand profitability per location, return on marketing spend or customer lifetime values.  If you have the data, we can report it and make better decisions together as a result.

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