Employee referral scheme at Quantico...

At Quantico we’re on the look-out for the best talent, but at times the right people are challenging to discover.

We’re looking for outstanding recently qualified accountants to take on a Finance Business Partner role at Quantico.


The role will enable them to make use of their skills within exciting business prospects.

The role we're offering...

Our Finance Business Partners work in-house with 2-3 clients each week, which are some of the brightest startups in London. They help transform them into mature, professionally-run scale-ups.


Working directly in their office allows our Finance Business Partners to form strong relationships with the CFOs and entrepreneurs they’re working for, and become an integral part of their business. 

Please visit the Finance Business Partner job description for more information and details about the role. 

You might have the perfect person for us...

We believe the most successful candidates come from the recommendation of others, therefore we work to prioritise those that are referred to us. 


So, we’ve devised an Employee Referral Scheme that allows anybody to refer a candidate to our company.


We’re willing to compensate those who refer a successful candidate that completes their probationary period of 3 months; the individual who referred this employee will receive up to £1000 in Amazon vouchers. 

Some extra information:

  • We guarantee the reward will be given to you within a month after the successful 3 month period

  • There is no limit on the amount of referrals one individual can make, if you deliver successful candidates that become valuable employees to us, you will be rewarded accordingly

  • If 2 or more refer the same candidate, the first referrer will receive the reward

  • Referrers are still eligible for the reward if the candidate is hired at a later stage

  • This offer applies only to full-time permanent contracts for our Finance Business Partner or Senior Finance Business Partner roles  

  • If you wish to refer a part time candidate or a candidate for a different please get in touch to discuss what we can offer.

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