1. Client management

A Finance Business Partner….

  • Builds a relationship with our buyer

  • Manages the profitability of the job 

  • Identifies opportunities for upsells or projects

  • Acts as a consultant not as an employee

  • Communicates expectations to clients


They don’t….
  • Avoid having difficult conversations

  • Act as an employee of the client


You might hear them say...

“Part of being good at my job is promoting the interests of our team.  That means getting maximum credit for the work we do and identifying opportunities to sell projects.”


“I involve my client in decisions on the finance function, but they’re paying for an expert so I always come with a recommendation”


They will never say...

“I think we need to do more work on our client this month, but I’m scared of asking them to pay more.  They can be so grumpy.”


“I can’t leave on time tonight because my boss [client CEO] thinks that I should work late.”


“I’m going to ask my client whether I can take holiday in July”

2. Running the finance function

A Finance Business Partner...

  • Sets up financial systems and documents processes for the remote team to follow

  • Reviews work performed by the remote team using knowledge of the client

  • Takes overall ownership of the service that we provide as a team

  • Is an expert on financial software used by startups, and how to get the most out of it

  • Project manages the work that needs to be done and helps get the right people to do it

  • Resolves ad hoc 

  • Works with the client to identify projects to improve the finance function and agrees priorities


They don’t….
  • Know the answers to all possible questions

  • Reconcile bank accounts, post invoices or conduct transactional work

You might hear them say...

“Looking at the budget you’ve set for your company, I’ve worked out the finance systems that we’ll need now and in 12 months time.  These are the triggers for when we need to change and this is how much it’ll cost at each stage.”


“If someone in the team makes a mistake we all do.  Mistakes are inevitable so lets put in place processes that mean we’ll catch it next time.”


“I don’t have the details of that payment to hand now.  As you know I’m here as you’re Finance Business Partner and we have a remote team who operates at that level of detail.  Let me check with them and get back to you.”


They will never say...

“Sorry, someone in the remote team made a mistake because they’re new.  I don’t really trust them so I’ll do the work myself next time”

“I’m going to do everything on Excel because that’s what I’m used to.  I don’t really care about the systems Quantico has invested in.”

3. CFO advisory

A Finance Business Partner...

  • Takes responsibility for the overall quality of our delivery

  • Sets up custom reports in Xero that reflect the goals of the business

  • Helps to define and track the business KPIs 

  • Sets up custom reporting in Visible or other tools as appropriate

  • Acts as the conduit between the finance function and the rest of the client’s team

  • Attend client socials and events as appropriate to get to know the team

  • Interprets and presents financial results to the client

  • Acts as the expert on data and system questions across the business

They don’t….
  • Answer every question from every member of the team on Slack throughout the week

  • Upstage the existing CFO if there is one

  • Know everything there is to know about being a CFO


You might hear them say...

“Based on my experience with other clients in this industry, I’ve got a lot of ideas about how you might want to set up that overseas branch”


“Thanks for asking me about your P45.  I’ve forwarded it on to the accounts mailbox so that our team can look into it.  In future feel free to message them directly for transactional queries.”


“I don’t know how to set up an EMI scheme of the top of my head, but we’ve built up a fantastic internal resource based on our experience with other companies.  Let me have a look at that and get back to you.”


They will never say...

“We’re only really here to set up the system, I don’t have a view on financial strategy.”


“Sorry I don’t really want to get to know you [client team] because I might not be here long”

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