designing, building and running scaleable financial systems.

a revolutionary new skill-set

finops is our name for the combination of finance and ops that is at the heart of every successful business: in your team, creating an unstoppable engine for growth.

accounting is broken

FinOps is all about building the processes and technology that allow modern businesses to grow.

The accounting sector has been too slow to adapt, and as a result it isn't providing fast growth businesses with the support they need. Let's take a look at what's gone wrong and what the future looks like.

be part of the change

Our FinOps Forum is a community of like-minded finance and operational professionals who are looking to get more out of finance - to make it the function of the future, not the past.

a new training pathway

Accounting qualifications focus on the past at the expense of the future, and the theory at the expense of the practical.

So, we said goodbye to the ICAEW.

Does the ICAEW still represent the modern accounting sector? The institute is steeped in tradition and prestige but does it still work for exciting, innovative businesses, and the accountants that work for them? Is it still good value-for-money?

join the revolution

We founded the School of FinOps to teach individuals how to use the latest technology in a real business context. It provides the tools, systems and techniques for people who don't mind getting their hands dirty.

Tested in the real world by top UK start-ups.

a new set of skills

Those in finance and accounting are missing the key skills rapidly growing businesses really need.

We asked a bunch of founders, experts and finance professionals what working in start-ups is really like, and what problems they face in this new but growing sector. Read our full survey here.

looking for more from your career?

If you are passionate about making a difference to start-ups and think you have what it takes, join our growing team of FinOps experts...