all the benefits of hiring a world-class finance team without any of the risks.

demand more from finance

Your accounting firm does taxes and payroll but they are not designed to get under the skin of your business. That’s why we build in-house finops teams to give you bespoke support to supercharge your growth.

in your team, not outsourced.

To grow, you need scaleable financial and operational process. We provide you with FinOps experts who build these processes from within your business. Utilising modern systems and tools that will take you from seed to IPO.

meet the experts

we're finops experts, building scalable systems that free up your time to grow your business.

/fʌɪnɒps/ noun
designing, building and running scaleable financial systems.

get the very best people
for exactly the number of days you need.

It’s impossible to hire a full finance team upfront with all the skills you need now to grow your business. We give you access to a wide variety of skills, from bookeeping to fundraising without any long-term contracts. Flex the days each month to meet your exact needs.


The engine room, making sure everything runs in the most efficient way possible.


Chief problem-solver, and architect of complex financial systems and processes.


Experienced CFO providing knowledge and expertise to transform your business.

we’re not an accounting firm.

And here’s why...

The accounting sector and accounting firms aren't working for accountants. They aren't getting the variety or fulfilment that they crave. Nor is it working for innovative businesses, who can't find the right support when they need it most. We went out of our way to be as little like a traditional accounting firm as possible. Here's why, and how.

don’t just take our word for it.