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we're revolutionising accounting

Accounting is stuck in the past.

It’s left accountants (most of them anyway) bored, disillusioned and unfulfilled. It’s left the most exciting and innovative businesses struggling to get the finance and accounting support they really need.

We’re looking for an experienced finance professional who will help us change this... for all accountants. And for every start-up in the world.

what you'll get from us

An exciting, varied role: integral to the growth of Quantico, the development of the team and the relationship with our partners.

Some of the perks:

  • Access to some of the most innovative businesses in the UK and Europe (Charlie HR, Hussle, Hidden City, to name drop just a few)... and soon the world.
  • Hands-on experience solving some of the hardest problems start-ups and scale-ups face. Responsible for building Quantico’s relationship with them as their dedicated Partnership Director.
  • A peer group of experienced start-up CFO’s that will have your back and support your development. Learning from each other and building out best-practice across Quantico.
  • The ability to work flexibly, remotely and to build the role around how you work best.
  • The experience to shape and grow multiple businesses at the same time. It’s like doing an MBA, while running a business... while scaling your side-hustle.

You will get to shape the future of a portfolio of exciting start-ups, while being instrumental in the growth of Quantico.

And the reward is directly tied to how well we all do:

  • A competitive salary (we benchmark to the Big 4)
  • A share of the company profits paid out every 6 months
  • A growing share of the profit as the role progresses
  • All the usual benefits... and free lunches... Free! 🎉

what a typical week looks like

There’s no such thing...

  • You’ll be managing teams across a number of our partners - typically 10-12. responsible for supporting the team and ensuring our partners are getting what they need from working with us.
  • In their office, or on Zoom, you’ll work directly with founders/ CFOs. You’ll take on their most challenging tasks and deliver transformations as a trusted part of their team.
  • Supporting the FinOps Managers within the team, coaching them to improve how they work and developing their own knowledge and understanding.
  • On-boarding new partners. Building a relationship, understanding their needs and delivering a team that can solve their problems.
  • You’ll be given responsibility for Quantico priorities that match your interests and skills: marketing, sales, recruitment, events... you name it, we need your help to build Quantico from within.
  • Drinks on the roof every Friday! 🍺

what we need from you

As an experience chartered accountant, you’ll have had experience working in a fast-growing business as a Head of Finance or CFO.

You must be:

  • Passionate for innovation and start-up businesses. You’ll be working with them day-in, day-out so you’ll need to enjoy it!
  • Ambitious to go far and be the best. Without the need for close, constant supervision.
  • Enthusiastic to rip up the rule book and challenge the status quo. We don’t want more of the same, and nor should you.
  • Confident in your abilities and a desire to learn from your mistakes. Failing fast is fine with us.
  • A brilliant relationship builder, a diplomat who’s not afraid to stand up for themselves.

We think differently, we are:

impatient for change

The way things are, aren’t good enough. The status quo is the worst possible outcome. We want to shake things up and make a splash. We’re not willing to wait for it. We’re building it right now.

hungry for criticism

It’s OK to fail. We learn from our mistakes. We always want to know how we can improve. How we can be better. Honesty is more important than anything. It drives us to innovate and to succeed.

unashamedly confident

We have passion and talent, and combined there is nothing we can’t do. We are never afraid to speak our mind. Our experience has bred wisdom. We will share it wherever it is needed.

fiercely supportive

As a team, we are greater than the sum of our parts. We put our people first and we’re there for each other. We collaborate, and share our knowledge and experience to improve us all.

ready to find out more ?

Read more about Quantico in our manifesto for revolutionsing the accounting profession.

Get the inside info from our team handbook, which gives you a glimpse of what working at Quantico is really like: