FinOps Leader

finops expert

about the role

Accounting used to be a safe and prestigious job for life, but it's not delivering for our generation. In fact young accountants are today one of the most unhappy groups in the entire workforce. The profession has trained accountants for the past, not the future. The exams taught us to do T accounts on paper, but software was never mentioned.

The result is that accounting isn’t delivering for our most innovative businesses either. Startups are crying out for the skills that accountants should bring, but they're stuck with old fashioned firms with old ideas.

At Quantico we’re starting a revolution in accounting. Our mission is to do whatever it takes to drive fulfilling careers for accountants and game-changing outcomes for businesses. We’re looking for an experienced finance profession who’s tired of the traditional career path and wants to help build what’s next.

The role is split between three areas:

Client Onboarding:

We work with some of the most exciting startups in the UK.  As FinOps Leader your job is to bring them from prospect to client. That means identifying priorities, fighting fires and implementing process changes.

Account Directorship:

As clients stabilise you’ll hand over to our FinOps Managers and Associates. They are incredibly motivated and talented, but they need your support, coaching and help ensuring that our scope is always correct.

Squad Leader:

Our client teams are our head office team. A third of the role is building our business as we grow. Recent projects have included sales pitches, recruitment interviews, marketing initiatives, web design and organising training courses.

what we offer

  • Work across a portfolio of the most exciting startups in Europe
  • A competitive benefits package, including share options
  • Work on a variety of problems, outside of the finance function
  • Help us to build a business, as we launch a revolution in accounting
  • A high performance team culture, focused on continuous improvement

about you

Our ideal candidate:

  • Has experience both running a finance function and working with clients
  • Is highly proficient in accounting, accounting technology and operations
  • Has skill competencies outside of accounting (eg sales, marketing, operations, design, people ops, recruitment) and is excited about using them to transform accounting
  • Is an ambitious high performer, capable of working independently and solving problems across a range of domains and industries

Do not apply if:

  • You’re a strategic CFO who doesn’t want to get involved with processes
  • You believe that the accounting career path is already fit for purpose
  • You’re looking for a predictable 9-5 office job

We think differently, we are:

impatient for change
The way things are, aren’t good enough. The status quo is the worst possible outcome. We want to shake things up and make a splash. We’re not willing to wait for it. We’re building it right now.
hungry for criticism
It’s OK to fail. We learn from our mistakes. We always want to know how we can improve. How we can be better. Honesty is more important than anything. It drives us to innovate and to succeed.
unashamedly confident
We have passion and talent, and combined there is nothing we can’t do. We are never afraid to speak our mind. Our experience has bred wisdom. We will share it wherever it is needed.
fiercely supportive
As a team, we are greater than the sum of our parts. We put our people first and we’re there for each other. We collaborate, and share our knowledge and experience to improve us all.

ready to find out more ?

Read more about Quantico in our manifesto for revolutionsing the accounting profession.

Get the inside info from our team handbook, which gives you a glimpse of what working at Quantico is really like: