FinOps Manager

chief problem solver

about the role

We're not happy with accounting right now.  It's not working for accountants and it's not working for innovative businesses.

Our FinOps Manager role provides meaningful careers to the brightest accountants in London, whilst solving a very real problem for startups.  We provide you with the tools to become a startup finance expert, and help you use them with startups where you can really make a difference.

In a typical week you’ll split your time between two or three of the fastest growing startups in London, so you learn twice as fast.  In each case, you’ll be working directly for the entrepreneur or CFO.

  • Work across a portfolio of the fastest growing startups in London
  • Spend time directly working with each client, getting to know their team and their industry.
  • Help to design and implement financial processes that support their ambitious growth plans.
  • Oversee our FinOps Associates who work remotely on the nuts and bolts of the finances.
  • Act as the main point of contact between our team and your clients.
  • Be involved in at least one internal area to help grow Quantico, e.g. Sales or Marketing

Full details of exactly what a FinOps Manager is are detailed here.

what we offer

  • Work across a portfolio of some of the most exciting startups in Europe
  • A competitive benefits package, including share options
  • Help on a variety of problems, outside of the finance function
  • A high performance team culture, focused on continuous improvement

about you

We’re looking for recently qualified accountants, either from a top tier firm or with experience working directly in a startup finance function.

A demonstrated interest in fast-growing businesses and entrepreneurship is essential.

You need to be comfortable working with entrepreneurs and different functional teams in their businesses.  You also need to know how to communicate financial concepts to different parts of the organisation and be able to support them when needed. You must be diplomatic but also know how to fight your corner when appropriate.

You’ll be supported by experienced engagement leaders, a peer group network and a range of experts, so you don’t need to know all the answers.  However, you do need to be confident in asking for help when you need it.  The role is not appropriate to anyone looking for constant close supervision.

Do not apply if:

  • You're not a qualified accountant or have worked in a start-up finance function
  • You prefer stability at work over challenge and reward
  • You work best with constant supervision

We think differently, we are:

impatient for change
The way things are, aren’t good enough. The status quo is the worst possible outcome. We want to shake things up and make a splash. We’re not willing to wait for it. We’re building it right now.
hungry for criticism
It’s OK to fail. We learn from our mistakes. We always want to know how we can improve. How we can be better. Honesty is more important than anything. It drives us to innovate and to succeed.
unashamedly confident
We have passion and talent, and combined there is nothing we can’t do. We are never afraid to speak our mind. Our experience has bred wisdom. We will share it wherever it is needed.
fiercely supportive
As a team, we are greater than the sum of our parts. We put our people first and we’re there for each other. We collaborate, and share our knowledge and experience to improve us all.

ready to find out more ?

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