How we behave as a group

These standards summarise how we like to work and what we expect from new joiners to our team.

We take ownership of our work

“I don’t always know the answer, but it’s my job to find out”

“When someone in the team makes a mistake, we all make a mistake”

We take ownership over our work, our clients and our results.  We don't wait for our work to be reviewed before identifying blockers, asking for help or proposing solutions.

We're chasing excellence

“Being better than I was last month is part of my job”

“I take pride in the work I do and I call it out when someone else doesn’t”

The value that we bring depends on talented people doing great work, and we take pride in only working with the best.  We proactively seek feedback and we take constructive criticism as a compliment not an insult.

We manage ourselves and our time

“I’m trusted to work in a way that suits me”

“I know that my team will support me when I’m busy and they have free time”

We only work with experienced and self motivated people who are capable of managing their own time and projects.  We're trusted to work when and how we need to. We know that if we're snowed under and other people on the team have spare time, they'll use it to help us.

We manage our clients

“I know I’m doing well when my client trusts me enough not to get involved”

“I involve my clients in finance decisions but I always have a recommendation”

To our clients we are consultants, not employees.  We know how to manage time and priorities between assignments and we ensure that the interests of our team and our clients are aligned.  We get credit for the work we do and we don't shy away from difficult conversations.

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