Your outsourced Finance Director

All the benefits of an experienced Finance Director without the costs of hiring

The most valuable service we offer is a personal connection with an advisor that you can trust. That's why all of our plans include regular meetings with an accountant and entrepreneur who understands your business and your industry.
How it works...
KPI identification and measurement

In our first meeting we hold a workshop to determine your criteria for success in business, and how to track them.  These performance indicators form the basis for all our future conversations.

Regular Financial Strategy meetings

You'll then meet with your Finance Director on a regular basis.  You can use the time to discuss financial performance, strategy, taxes or whatever else you have on your mind.

Ad hoc support when you need it

The work doesn't stop at the end of the meeting.  Your Finance Director is responsible for supervising and reviewing all of the work we do, and you can speak as often as you need by Slack, email or phone.

I really love our monthly finance sessions with our Quantico Finance Director, they clear my mind and help me focus on exactly what I need to do

Max, Spin Brands
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