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How Long To Close Investment Rounds ⌛

At Quantico we work with hundreds of startups going out to raise money, from seed all the way to IPO. One thing we consistently notice is that founders instinctively leave it too late to think about the next raise, so this data really struck a chord with us.

Typically it's something people think about when the cash has almost run out, but we always advise starting the plan with at least six months of runway. We spotted this survey produced by Mountside Ventures across EU VCs to demystify the investment market.🧐

It was interesting to note that it took 8 to 12 weeks to close a deal for 50% of VCs. It’s important to plan for this when your business goes out for investment. Make sure you have enough runway before you close the next big deal! 🚀Top tips to shorten this time are:

  • Prepare the data room upfront, no last minute forecasts or financials
  • Get an FAQs database ready
  • Prepare draft term sheet

Quantico Takeaway

Don’t leave preparing for investment to the last minute. Get your finances and the rest of the team ready and you’ll be in a great position for negotiations.