Green crypto changes incoming 🌿

Can a change to Ethereum software save the planet?

It’s no secret that mining crypto creates a lot of carbon emissions.

The web3 world has changed as Ethereum moved from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-of-stake (PoS) through the merge.

PoS will represent a 99%+ reduction in the amount of energy required through reducing the complexity of mining new coins.

This will be done by getting rid of the complex equations required to mine new coins and instead individuals will stake some of their crypto to produce more coins.

Quantico takeaway

Firstly, we strongly believe you should always be iterating on what you’ve built before and, unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is not standing still but improving. We take this principle to all our partners.

Secondly, at Quantico we’re all about changing the world and, with these steps, Ethereum is too and as an added bonus it's cutting carbon emissions overnight... delicious.