Skills to pay the bills 🤹‍♀️

Investment In Your Teams Skills🌱

We all know that in startups everyone needs to pitch in to cover all the bases. You can’t expect to have an expert in every area from day one! At Quantico we believe in this even more than most. You might not guess this from my expert copywriting, but my main job is actually building scalable finance teams 😀

We wanted to know … how do organisations generally cover the gaps in their team? Do they mainly hire new staff, or train the people they already have?

The answer, overwhelmingly, is the latter - training was the top answer for 53% of executives. Again we totally agree at Quantico - in fact we just made it official that everyone in our team will have every Wednesday morning dedicated 100% to learning and development. That means going on our School of FinOps, joining our workshops, or just taking a moment of reflection.

Quantico Takeaway

Invest in your team to see the best results.