Investing in your tech team 🧑‍💻

Find out how tech layoffs can help you grow

It feels like everyone is scared of a big recession on the horizon. We’re seeing big companies downsize, but it could be an opportunity for well-run startups.

Historically tech talent has been hoovered up by the tech titans like Facebook and Netflix. The fight for the best tech talent drove up wages and benefits. 🥊

Small startups couldn’t compete.

Now the top end of the market is in the middle of large scale redundancies.

There is an opportunity for startups to reach out and finally hire some great tech talent to drive growth.

Quantico takeaway

Be hungry for change and invest in talent during a recession. You can take advantage of the change in the wider environment and disrupt your market. Taking these opportunities could help you achieve sustainable growth.

You’ll be in good company as many successful businesses, such as Graze, Airbnb and Uber, have capitalised on a recession to achieve growth.