Is startup investment slowing?💸

Increasing Angel and Seed investment

A wider downturn in the global economy has led to a reduction in VC investment from the end of 2022 highs.

However, seed stage deals are on the up! Why is this happening…

Well, a couple of main factors: 

Firstly, the money hasn’t dried up but is being kept by VCs. They will still invest in good businesses.

Secondly, the downturn has been led by the public part of the market. Invest in a seed stage business and it is about 10 years until IPO. 

By investing in your operations and finances coupled with a good pitch deck we expect Startups to achieve their investment goals even in the current slowdown.

Quantico Takeaway

At Quantico we know it’s never too early to invest in finance. We’ve been a part of 100s of fundraises. The right company will be able to find the investment they need to make the business a success.

Do not be worried about the wider market issues. Concentrate on the fundamentals and keep investing in your business and you’ll be well placed to succeed.