Silicon Valley’s Competition 🕵️‍♂️

Is Silicon Valley dying? - Everyone wants to get to the US but is the future brighter elsewhere?!

Asia’s rise in venture capital is making it the place to be for startups… personally, I couldn’t be happier as I'm already living on a North London hipster diet of Kimchi and Kombucha. 😂

Asia has huge growth potential as millions of people are predicted to head online in the next few years. VC’s are dolling out the cash to smart entrepreneurs looking to capitalise on this.

Crunchbase had a handy breakdown showing the (slightly bumpy) rise in investment over the past 2 years. China saw $28bn invested in Q4 2021 and India following up behind with $10bn. If looking to explore new markets, the US still takes roughly half of all global investment. But looking beyond our cousins over the pond could reap significant rewards from greener pastures.

At Quantico we believe in leading, not following. Don’t just take the road well-travelled because everyone else is. The opportunities for new growth can significantly outweigh the risks.