Startup Funding Falling? 👎

Falling Startup Funding 📉

Over 2021 there has been a 24 percent increase in startup funding, but with the conflict in Ukraine investors seem to be nervous for the future of their investments.

There was a drop at the beginning of 2022 from $62B to $52B in February 2022. 📉With record inflation, investors are potentially assessing the impact of this conflict for their future investments.

Taking a closer look at the numbers though, we don’t think there’s any cause for concern. Some degree of month on month variation is common in startup deal flow, and in fact the total seed stage funding has actually increased 🌱

Quantico Takeaway

As finance and data professionals we think that we’re totally rational beings, but in fact numbers can often impact how we feel. It’s not always easy to keep a level head in the face of record sales figures or an all time slump in profitability. It’s OK to question things when figures change, but it’s often worth waiting a few months to see how trends pan out before jumping to conclusions.