The benefits employees actually want ⭐

You may be surprised by what employees truly value

We went to a great event run by pensions startup Penfold.

One of the main takeaways we had was this graph of what Startup employees really want.

Surprisingly, it’s entirely misaligned with employers’ priorities. Employers believe the dreaded work social 🍻, travel assistance 🚇 and wellbeing support 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 should be top focus.

Quantico Takeaway

Most Startups we work with are on a basic pension scheme and don’t invest much time or money into finding the best solution.

Tip: if you want to retain top talent, think about putting more money into a pension scheme earlier in the company’s life. Pensions are also tax-advantaged unlike nearly any other benefit.

So cancel the extravagant away days, gym memberships and company cars. Focus on investing in pensions to attract and retain the best talent.