The Carbon Fintech boom 💥

What is Carbon FinTech and why the race to invest?

Carbon FinTech has being growing with looming regulation on the horizon. With 3.5 times more capital raised than the US, it’s safe to say the EU has seen notably faster growth.

This year, there has been significant investment in Carbon FinTech. You can see the split of investment by subsector above with Carbon accounting blowing the other sectors away.

Quantico takeaway

Is the industry now overcrowded or will it be a very big pond?🦈

It will be interesting to see whether it consolidates or enough companies find a way to distinguish themselves.

From Quantico’s experience working with Carbon FinTechs, we’ve learnt it’s best to think ahead and manage cashflow by investing in your finance team. This gives you a great chance to beat the competition.