What is FinOps?

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FinOps, or Finance Operations, is our name for a massive hole in the accounting sector. It’s a skill set, perhaps even an entire industry, that is desperately needed, but doesn’t yet exist.

Accountants today are unhappy and unprepared

Surveys regularly show that young accountants are one of the least happy groups in the entire workforce. Accounting has always been associated with safety and tradition. But our generation doesn't want tradition, we want variety, impact and the skills for the future.

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Businesses are not getting the support they need

The most innovative businesses in our economy need help. They need bespoke systems and technology to grow rapidly. Accounting firms are not set up to address these problems, and the traditional accounting career pathways do not produce the skills needed.

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The solution for tomorrow

A new career pathway

Until now the 'strategic CFO' has been at the top of the accounting career path. This has drawn talented people to the strategic side of accounting, at the expense of the operational. FinOps is an alternative that restores balance.

New training and skills

Accounting qualifications focus on the past at the expense of the future, and the theory at the expense of the practical. The School of FinOps teaches individuals how to use the latest technology in a real business context.

New solutions

For too long accounting has been the profession of historic data, and old ideas. FinOps is all about building the processes and technology that allow businesses to grow.

Our solution

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